Product assembly
Our company offers
  • From basic, simple assembling to final construction units
  • Further, we offer metalwork and injection mouldings
Basic assembly

includes simple basic assembly of plastic parts, e.g. cementing of fix points on plastic parts, stiffening of a part by another part, foaming. 


Complex assembly

It includes assembling of more separate parts made of various materials, e.g. cabling, filters, sealing, upholstery, holds, buttons, etc. By assembling of all these parts are created larger construction parts that may be assembled in final construction units.

In this phase of assembling we produce for instance bigger spoilers for Pony Auto, roofs of tractors Zetor, dash-boards Proxima, etc.

Assembling of construction units

All experiences, materials and technologies that our company has are used for assembling of construction units that include all above described working methods. In other words, the assembling proceeds from the basic phase to final construction unit. In our company we assemble tractor cabins containing all tractor equipment, according to tractor type. In such case we assembly all parts including body shell, handles, windows, wiring, plastic parts, fabrics, brackets, locks, spot lamps, and others. 

We deliver complete cabin, including roof, dash-boards and bonnets.

Metalwork and injection mouldings

The secondary production of JVP Praha a.s. – based on interests and demand of customers – consists of:

  • Production of handles and various steel parts for assembling of tractor cabins. These products are also used for assembling of other products.
  • Production of injection mouldings – these products are manufactured by the technology of injection of melted plastic into a closed form. This method is used for production of covers, handles, separators, etc. 
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