CNC machining of plastic

For finishing of mouldings created by method of air-assist forming, we use fully automated CNC machines that guarantee high accuracy of cuts, cut-outs and other finishes. We ourselves program these CNC machines and we produce own cut fixturings.

Our company offers
  • Production of complete plastic parts including final cutting
  • Final cutting of supplied parts
  • Production of cutting fixturings including programming
  • CNC programming based on 3D data or samples

Pro opracování plastů používáme profesionální robotická CNC pracoviště KUKA, ABB a frézy HUBER & GRIMME. Umíme opracovat výlisek do velikosti základy: 3000 x 2000 mm a výšky: 500 – 800 mm. Při opakování výroby nevznikají prakticky žádné rozdíly. Měřitelná odchylka je 0,1 až 0,2 mm.

How does the CNC processing look like?

1) Fixturing of moulding on fixturing tool by vacuum (every moulding has its own fixturing)

2) Start of the work cycle (before the start the operator must assembly the correct fixturing and choose the correct program)

3) Machine is working

  • we use hard metal stop tools of various diameters
  • average cutting speed is 2-4 m/min
  • when cutting small parts we use tandem setting (i.e. one machine works on two workplaces in turns)

4) Removal and cleaning of the part – sharp edges are cleaned by special scratchers

Advantages of CNC machines in plastic materials processing
  • High accuracy of production repeatability
  • High work productivity
  • Possibility to correct final shape of product.
CNC machine programming

It means manufacturing configuration of a prodcut that is carried out in a specific software program and determines trajectories of cuts, cut-outs up to the final product.

1) Cutters – by reference points and machine software

2) Robotic workplaces KUKA – by reference points and machine software

3) Robotic workplaces ABB – by reference points, machine software and ROBOT STUDIO

The programming by reference points is called TEACHING. Single points are interconnected by motions (linear motion, curve motion, circle motion, etc.) resulting in final trajectory. Reference points are collected from 3D models or supplied samples because a 3D model is not always available. 

We manufacture our own fixturing tools at our expenses. These tools are made of resins, laminate, MFD according to requirements concerning accuracy, curve shape, and quantity of manufactured products. 

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