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AERO Vodochody
Ours firm adventitious certificate supplier society AERO Vodochody - producer aviation

From January 2012 produces JVP Prague a.s. engine bonnet on tractor Kubota into Japan - s. photogallery.

The reconstruction production space of of JVP Prague a.s
The reconstruction production space of JVP Prague a.s. ? production plant Žďárná has started in October 2009. The construction confinanced by European Union funds for regional development.

CNC machine
A cutter Huber-Grimme has placed in a series of CNC machine in our machinery. This one is with automatic exchange instruments (12 different instruments) design Tandem. A cutter machine part size 2300*2200*700mm.

new equipment for plastic molding
. JVP company purchase a new equipment for plastic molding. It is a computer controlled vacuum press from Frimo company, which can mould and make a mock-up of parts size 2000*1200 mm with height 600mm.

Order for DYNASYC
We prepare production of the Folder panels ? plastic parts of alarm lamps for railroad crossings for DYNASYC.

Our company participates in developing the cabin for new model of Zetor tractor manufactured by Zetor TRACTORS.

New products for Walter Mauser
Our construction department works on new set of products for the Walter Mauser tractors cabins.

New technology for stiffening of plastics
This year, we have started a new patented technology for stiffening of plastics. The patent was granted to our company together with two other Hungarian companies. This technology is unique here in Europe and makes our products even of better quality.

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