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Air-assist forming of plastic materials

Air-assist forming is one of technologies designed for manufacturing of plastic. It is based on physical and mechanical characteristics of thermoplastic substances that change into plastic substance after being warmed-up. After being cooled down, the structure of plastic changes again into solid state. This method enables manufacturing of wide range of products - from small parts to big construction units.

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Advantages of air-assist forming of plastic

Choice of materials for forming

Choice of specific material depends on specific requirements and demands of customer. We can comply with requirements concerning:

Mechanical characteristics (elasticity of material, workability...);
Chemical characteristic (resistance to oils, solvents...);
Temperature resistance (according to usage of each part, e.g. difference between requirements for materials used for engine cover and dash-board...);
Optic characteristics (transparent, transilluminant, high shine, shine, matt, coloured, etc.);
With surface finishing (mollifying of surface, designed etc.);
Colour of material;
Special characteristics (high fire-resistance, etc.).

Used materials

ABS, ABS/PMMA, ABS/PU, ABS/PC, HPS, AZA, PC, PET-G, PVC, PMMA, PE, PE/PS, OTHERS (special materials - high temperature resistance, non-flammable materials etc.)

We can supply certain materials that went through recycling process. Materials may be coloured according to customer requirements or may have surface finishing according to catalogue. Some variants are transparent or transilluminant and may have various surface finishing.

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Forming of plastic

Forming of plastic

Forming of plastic

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