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Job opportunities

We are looking for: CNC programmers and design engineers.

We accept applicants having secondary school education or university degree.  We keenly welcome technicians who are able to work in programs Proingeneer, SolidWorks and similar.

The company JVP Praha a.s. has around 60 employees.

Employee benefits:

Employees are motivated by task-wage system, only a small part of remuneration is paid in hour wages system.  
Apart from standard benefits, meal vouchers, supply of work tools, our employees obtain special financial remuneration at important life-time situations - birthday, name-day, wedding, birth of child, or retirement. 
As a part of wage, the company pays out transportation allowance.  We contribute to capital life insurance payment of all employees (after the end of trial time). We also pay out 13th and 14th month wage. The 13th month wage is paid out before summer holidays and the 14th month wage is paid out before Christmas Holidays.   

Leisure time employee benefits:

Employees can profit from free access to swimming pool in Boskovice.
Employees are regularly meeting at company parties.

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