JVP Praha a.s.

JVP Praha a.s. is a production company focusing on production from plastic materials. Since it’s foundation, the company has been specialising in production of plastic parts by air-assist forming technology. Due to steadily increasing quality of production, our company obtained certification ISO 9001:2008, granted by the organisation TÜV CERT in 2003. In 2013 we got the VDA 6.1:2010 certification and in 2018 we managed to upgrade it to the VDA 6.1:2016.

About company


The seat of our company is in Thámova 21/34, 186 00 Praha 8. JVP Praha a.s. is divided into two production parts. The main production part Žďárná containes entire essential production of plastic materials and other related secondary production. The other part focuses on wood-working.
Currently, we offer our clients complex services in the field of manufacturing of plastic by air-assist forming technology. For the purpose of method of plastic processing, we create our forms, tools and fixturing that we are able to offer to other manufacturers. This approach enables faster processing of products and higher specificity in processing. We are processing only high quality materials supplied by well-known producers. We guarantee plastic materials manufacturing in thickness of 1 – 12 mm.
We use new patented technologies for strengthening of plastic. Plastic parts may also be assembled and supplied as ready-made plastic sets. We have a wide range of special machines: press machines, CNC machines, workplaces for assembling and cementing. Production is organised in two-shift operation with more than 60 employees. The qualification of employees is improved every year by their participation in periodic training and seminars.
The quality and professionalism of our services is proven by full year production for well-known companies including: Zetor TRACTORS, Pony – Auto, Walter Mauser, Itab, Riho, Agriko.

Strategy and future of the company

We are trying to establish the company JVP Praha a.s. as an important supplier for both domestic and foreign automobile producers. We want to further improve quality, speed and complexity of our services, guarantee to our customers reliability of our products by professional approach and qualification of our employees that shall be further improved. We also try to always use new modern technologies and materials and therefore steadily increase interest of new customers. 

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JVP Praha a.s.

Thámova 21/31

186 00 Praha 8

Production site Žďárná

Žďárná 130

679 52 Žďárná

tel.: +420 516 468 561

fax: +420 516 468 562

Production site Mělčany

Mělčany 64

Dolní Kounice 644 64

tel.: +420 731 573 486