Stiffening of plastic materials

As the technology of vacuum forming of plastic materials does not enable stiffening of plastic, e.g. by insertion of stiffening rib, by strengthening of wall of plastic material, therefore it is sometimes necessary to stiffen the plastic part subsequently. The plastic part is stiffened in order to create or adapt its shape, to thicken the material, to change its inner colour or to adapt the part for insert of other assembly parts. 


Our company offers

a) Direct stiffening:

  • Adjusting of part shape (if possible with regards to nature and design of the part)
  • Thickening of input material (it may not be sufficient and economic)

b) Subsequent stiffening of plastic materials:

  • Local
  • Full

c) Cementing of plastic materials

Full stiffening of plastic materials

means stiffening of targeted part by another part of similar size. Our company can provide following methods of stiffening:

Cross moulding – the targeted part is stiffened by another moulding that is cemented on non-exposed side of the part.

Steel construction – is similar to the cross moulding technology, however, a steel construction with surface finishing is used instead of plastic.

Expanded plastic method – it is a technology that has been recently added to our services. The reactive plastic material is injected into closed form with inserted case. This substance hardens the moulding and therefore stiffens it.

Local stiffening of plastic materials

means stiffening of targeted place by an additional part – plastic cut-out or steel part. We have been recently solving successfully this problem by using aluminium profiles for this purpose. We use this method for example for stiffening of parts on which will be screwed another part (various distributors, control levers, etc.). We use aluminium profiles to increase stiffness of long flat surfaces.

Stiffening of plastic materials is closely connected to cementing of plastic materials

We have been dealing with cementing of plastic materials since foundation of company JVP Praha a.s. Hence, we are extremely experienced in this field. Cementing of plastic parts brings various specific problems that we have already solved technologically and we are able, according to requirements of customer, to choose corresponding cementing technology. We use cements produced by world-famous producers such as SIKA, DOW and EMFI.