Our company considers protection of environment to be essential and therefore it pays attention to ecological processing of waste materials that are produced by the technology of air-assist forming. It has its own recycling program and it reuses such material in further processing.


Waste plastic materials are granulated in special machines. The size of granule can be regulated and therefore it is possible to supply granulated plastic material in various sizes. This granulate is delivered back to the producer of plastic materials which enables its reprocessing and manufacturing of plastic desks that are used again in production.

The company JVP Praha a.s. offers to other manufacturers processing, recycling or buy-out of plastic waste.

Other processing of waste that is produced by both manufacturing and within entire company is regulated by valid regulations and norms applicable to processing of waste and hazardous waste. However, we are still looking for methods to reduce environmental impacts by recycling and other methods of use of waste material and waste separation.


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